Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How important is your doctor's handwriting?

According to a recent news report by Zee News online, the Maharashtra government is all set to help the medical fraternity in the state to create awareness about handwriting legibility amongst doctors. 

The purpose of this initiative is to prevent prescription errors due to sloppy writing. This will also help to check pharmaceutical malpractices and any possible legal hassles that may be likely. 

Take out your doctor's prescription and try making sense of it. Readability is an issue or perhaps it is sloppy writing. 

Every time you see a prescription that is difficult to read, you almost rely on the pharmacist to dig out its real name and meaning. You may not even know if the pharmacist substitutes it with something else. Can you imagine what this can lead to in smaller towns and villages where the people may not  understand the prescribed drug? 

More states should emulate this move and Medical Councils should spearhead initiatives like this that are beneficial for the public.


Mridula said...

I am with you on this one!

SG said...

Very well said. The problem is more serious. Even nurses, in hospitals, have difficult time understanding doctors' orders.

The problem of doctors prescription to patients have been resolved here to some extent. Nowadays doctors send the prescription to the pharmacy via their laptop/iPad.

R. Ramesh said...

meaningful post sanandji..

Sanand said...

Thanks everyone!