Sunday, February 6, 2011

Apologies for a Hectic Beginning

Dear Friends,

My apologies for not blogging regularly. I've had a busy start this year and a tiring one, too. I barely make time nowadays to spend with my son - so you can imagine how hectic it has become. It also has something to do with the fact that I had to ask my driver to go because he disappeared for weeks at a crucial time and without any proper explanation, and turned up out of the blue, demanding to be taken back again. Normally, I have a kind bone and tend to let these things go, but this guy 's misconduct and casual attitude to what is his 'bread and butter' irked me.  There is no way I could take back this guy who has such a careless yet demanding attitude.

I am looking out for a good driver because as a lawyer, it is necessary for me to focus on what's coming up in court that day, prepare for it, make the necessary calls, read the brief, things like that, rather than huff and puff about the traffic jams, worry about diversions, these are not the things that should occupy my mind space. However, they are, because it's now part of my schedule. Also, exhausting because there's so much that needs to get done. Oh, by the way, Axess Legal Corp won two important cases right at the beginning this year and yes, we want to leverage that to deepen the trust that our clients have for us. Thanking you, friends, for the support you've been giving us.

So, as I am telling you here, I'm on the look out to get things in place so that my schedule is more structured with the core purpose of what I am doing. Meanwhile, tell me, how's the year begun at your end?