Thursday, June 12, 2014

Do What Makes You Happy

2014 began on a hectic pace for me and the year seems to have simply flown and we are already in mid-June. We at Axess Legal Corp welcome the change of government at the Centre. 
There is renewed vigor across sectors and particularly, a positive buzz among lawyers. There is scope for tremendous improvement in India's taxation laws. Amendments are likely to take place in several areas of law, such as taxation, land acquisition, judicial appointments and accountability and the Electricity Act, just to name a few.
You are justified in thinking, "What's the point of changing laws?" 
Changing laws corresponds to changing times and needs. Some of the areas mentioned above urgently require revitalization that can only come through legislation.
The ordinary man, companies that look to invest in India, start ups and other entities stand to benefit from the proposed changes. The debate and the details are being worked out but everything is happening quickly and decisively. 
This is the change we want to see in the country, besides opportunities for job creation, more investments and a tax friendly regime.
So, what has the first phase of 2014 brought you? How happy are you - that is the relevant question.
Leaving you with a happiness quote that I believe in. Do write in.