Thursday, November 7, 2013

Festive Season, Amritsar's Dhaba Food

Diwali's just got over. Hope all of you had a festive start to November. It's the month of festivals, holidays and for me, lots of traveling. The year 2013 didn't bring me too many tours but startlingly towards the end, it looks like I will be traveling a lot more frequently all the way till May 2014. Exciting challenges ahead for the entire team at Axess Legal Corp, lots of work coming up for us and many meetings to attend.

Flip side is this: Will be frequently away from home and especially from my son, who finds it very difficult (and vice versa) when I am not around to play cricket and other rough games with him. He's at that age when he wants to act like a man and idolizes all that I do. It's tough every time to leave him behind but there's no greater satisfaction than seeing his eyes light up with absolute joy when he sees that I am back home. Till the next weekend, that is! 

Travel, for me, is more like a culture and food trail. Amritsar is perfect for this. Here's one delicious Amritsar dhaba thali that I quite enjoyed.

What's the festive season been like for you? Are you all set to ring in 2014? Tell me about it...or better still, lets trade New Year resolutions next!