Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Homework Conversation with a Four Year Old

I love to help my four year old with his homework but he likes to do most of it on his own. In fact, we, as a family, spend the best time when we sit down together to discuss how to go about his homework. It makes all of us excited about getting the work done and not view it as a dreary chore that needs to be over and done with.

Every day, we get set as if we are getting ready for an ambitious Mission Impossible like project. What I enjoy is our anticipation and excitement that makes the whole process of completing homework so much more interesting, growth oriented and yes, lots of fun in discovering more about each other.

So, here goes today's conversation. While Adi is writing his "E" and "H" in the school notebook, he constantly wants me to talk. So, his mom tells him, "Why don't you finish and then talk like in class when Ma'am is teaching?"

Smart guy says, immediately, "But when Ma'am talks in class, I start talking too."

There goes!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Darjeeling Rock Garden

Many of you were kind and encouraging about my effort on Tumblr. I spent three hours inserting the comment box, making it more user friendly so that you can use your Yahoo, FB or Twitter log in options to sign in and leave a comment. I've also inserted the Reblog option so that if you feel a post is worth reblogging onto your page, you can do that too easily. If you have any feedback or suggestions to make my endeavor friendlier for you, do feel free to share your inputs with me.

You can find my latest post and pic on the famous rock garden in Darjeeling by visiting

Friday, September 3, 2010

Find me on

Let me be honest by saying that blogging doesn't come naturally to me. I work very hard to understand how to draft, review and post everything that I blog about and the kind of hassles in loading, delay and issues that constantly trouble me on Blogger tends to rob me of the relaxing and joyful activity that blogging is meant to be. It takes me ages to upload a single pic and that is just not done! In a crabby mood about the way Blogger is treating me, but anyway, I've not decided to give up this blog, in case that has crossed your mind.

My wife recommended a new platform for blogging, which she said is the futuristic platform for dedicated bloggers who want to enjoy blogging and feel totally relaxed and without any hassles while doing so. I checked up on the Internet and found that this blogging platform called Tumblr is supposedly the next big thing. Not convinced, I visited the site and was bowled over and created a blog for myself immediately. As I said before, it takes me ages to get a post done on Blogger but on Tumblr, it was done in minutes. Better still, it gives me a fantastic Reblog option so that if I liked a blog, I can reblog it on my blog with automatic credits to the original one. I can't tell you how easy and convenient I found Tumblr.

I will continue blogging here because I dont want to throw away the hard work and the wonderful friends - YOU - I've found and learned from on this platform. However, I do suggest that when time permits, do check my blog on Tumblr as well.

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