Sunday, September 2, 2012

Foreign University Immigration scams hit Indian students hardest

There has been furore among Indian students and their families, following the London Metropolitan University's (LMU) licence being revoked by the UK Border Agency, making it legally impossible for LMU to authorize Tier 4 visas to international students, including those from India. 

Immigration Scam at London Metropolitan University

A report by The Guardian titled "London Metropolitan University is there to educate, not police" states that the UK Border Agency's sponsorship system permits universities "to accept international students on to their courses on condition that they enforce immigration controls." As per existing laws, all these affected students who have been registered with the university have to leave within 60 days unless they find a place in another institution that can sponsor them for visas.

Immigration Scam and Petition for Amnesty of terminated International Students

The Guardian has also reported that a petition for an amnesty of these terminated international students has been called for urging that the students should be allowed to complete their studies while the problems in LMU are being sorted out. However, the role of any University including that of LMU is to educate, not police - a perspective that is being agreed on by most educational as well as legal experts.

Media reports Indian students are hit hardest by this immigration scam

Several media reports suggest that the hardest hit students are most likely to be the Indians. Though many of these students are well aware of immigration scams, few research into the foreign institutions they apply for with a well founded, objective approach. The focus on the possibility of immigration scam goes largely ignored. 

From any perspective, it is unjust that these international students who have already cleared all processes to gain admission at a well established institution in the UK will now have their dreams dashed. These students and their families are now in a state of panic because there is no clear idea as to what the transition is going to be like. The way forward looks vague and bleak prospects loom large.


SG said...

LMU, when they accepted the visa license, they knew what are the responsibilities that come with it. One of them is to enforce immigration control. Therefore, Guardian’s writing that LMU is there to educate and not police is unacceptable. If they cannot “police” LMU should not have accepted the visa license in the first place.

In my opinion, UK Border Agency did the right thing. Many international students used LMU as a way of entering into UK. LMU cared only for the money they received. UK Border Agency found many students did not have permission to stay in the country, a significant proportion did not have sufficient English knowledge and half of them never attended classes.

I do sympathize with the students who were enrolled in LMU only for getting an education.

R. Ramesh said...

the last sentence sounds grim..hope for the best for our future gen..and thanks sanandji..will be in touch..cya

R. Ramesh said...

the last sentence sounds grim..hope for the best for our future gen..and thanks sanandji..will be in touch..cya

SG said...

I have tagged you. Please visit my blog for details. Thanks.