Sunday, August 26, 2012

Law Attorneys and Law Firm in Delhi

Work is a topic that we talk about frequently because many people are not always content with the kind of work they do for a living. People ask me if I am happy being a lawyer. The truth is, yes, I enjoy what I do and therefore, it makes me happy. Typically people assume that a law attorney's life is colorless and dull. The truth is that it is the most money spinning, fastest and exciting career opportunity if you have the right mindset and values to support you.   

In general, few people see the job profile of law attorneys as something that can be both growth oriented and interesting. The general impression is that law attorneys get more holidays than school kids. Nothing could be farther away from the truth. A law firm in Delhi teaches you what the real grind is all about.  

Learning the Basics from a Law Firm in Delhi 
There are many things that I learned from working in a law firm in Delhi than in law college. Examples:

1. In college, you can bunk your class and take notes later to catch up with what you missed. You can't do that at work simply because your actions send out reactions and impacts the lives of several others. You simply can't bunk 'court' because you have a duty to be true to your client and to safeguard your client's interest as your own. You learn to be client-focused, responsible and ethically accountable.

2. In college, you have fixed timings. A law firm in Delhi works 24X7 including on Sundays.

3. In college, you enjoy the time you debate, discuss and beat about the bush to win a moot court. In real court, it is a real bloodless battle. It's not merely a debate or a discussion. It's a matter of bread and butter. 

4. It's also a matter of perception management - how do the judges perceive the crafting of your representation, how does your client perceive your interactions with the bench and how do your colleagues in the legal fraterning - other law attorneys - how they rate you from am the benches. All of it is so subtle but as real and powerful as a bloodless battle.

5. In college, you can skip classes or lectures that bore you. In court and in office, you can't afford to. So you have to create an eco system around you that keeps you constantly interested in the job and on the job.

6. In college, you don't have to be too respectful of your seniors. But as a law attorney, you can't flip them over. Every year of seniority does count at some level or the other. 

7. In college, you have fun.  But at work, you can combine fun with recognition, career growth and making your dreams come true by helping others who are in need and in helping them to sort out the really messy issues in their lives. You get a real opportunity to serve and be champions of issues that affect the society. Better still, you can choose your own cause and battles. You can decide where to draw the line, where to draw the blood, when to hit below the belt if required. In short, you can choose as well as direct the battle in the quest for justice.

What do you think about your college years and the work environment that you have chosen to be in today? Do share your thoughts and interesting experiences.


Mridula said...

But you know what? What is fun for everyone i.e. college is work for me!

Sanand said...

Ha,ha, Mridula. You are an exception to most rules. Have fun with the college work phase! :)

SG said...

Thanks for this nice info on lawyers in India. In USA, of the most respected jobs, lawyers rank 14. Number one is a Firefighter, especially after 9/11.

Yes, I do love my job. Very happy with my job. My motto is don’t work hard work smart.