Sunday, August 19, 2012

Identification Card is mandatory for Non AC Train Travel

Identity proof or carrying an identification card is fast becoming mandatory for just about anything in India. For instance, when you try to travel by the Indian Railways, the menace of tickets being transferred and sold by touts under fictitious names is a serious issue. So, it will become mandatory soon for all train passengers who are traveling in the non-AC reserved class to carry their ID proof or identification card. Till recently, those who traveled by non-AC did not have to furnish their ID proof. But that will change with this proposed law.

Identification Card: Types You Can Carry on Train Journey
Carry one of these valid ID proofs the next time you are on a train journey:

  1. Your voter ID card
  2. Your passport
  3. Your PAN card
  4. Your driving licence
  5. Your photo identity card that is issued either by the central or the state government
  6. Your student identity card
  7. Aadhar card
  8. Nationalized bank passbook with photograph
  9. Any credit cards that are issued by banks with a laminated photograph
Typically, what ID proof do you carry in your wallet or purse in case of an unexpected identity verification is checked or called for? 


Aparna said...

Hi...I guess most people would carry their PAN card or driving license..that is what I have in my wallet...but I begin to wonder what ID cards would kids carry...

Mridula said...

Driving license. Last time I took a train the TTE was happy with the SMS as a ticket proff.

SG said...

Thanks for the info. I thought in Indian trains, only the senior citizens (who bought tickets at a discount) should carry ID. I think this proposed new law is good.

My wallet always has my driving license.

Felicity Grace Terry said...

Such an interesting post. To be honest like many other people here in England as I don't drive I don't routinely carry any form of ID with me.

sm said...

useful information

Sanand said...

Thanks everyone, it's great to hear different responses to this blog post.

@Aparna: Kids can carry their Aadhar card or their passports.

@Mridula: Still I'd say that it's always better to carry an ID proof with you.

@SG: Due to security concerns in trains, this is fast becoming a necessity. Yes, the proposed law is good.

@Petty Witter: Thanks for dropping by. Increasingly, it is being considered relevant to carry one's ID everywhere one goes...dunno if you'd consider it sometime.

@SM: Thanks, do come back and visit again. See you soon. :)

Rajesh said...

Identity card is already mandatory in sleeper class.

Sanand said...

Hi Rajesh,

I didn't know that actually. I have traveled in sleeper class and I've not seen any ID proofs being asked for. But maybe could it be done on and off and not as a mandatory practice?

What I have shared here are the new rules that have been published officially just days ago. So maybe what was being done inconsistently has been formalized as mandatory now.

Plastic id cards online said...

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Unknown said...

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Waseem said...

Like the idea and the post..i might need this for plastic cards when i design it.

Shayari said...

My wife applied foran adhar card in 2011. the card has not been issued. E-mails to help desk and also to that fellow nandan niliekeni also remanis un -answered. To date. This is a big farce perpetrated by UPA