Thursday, June 27, 2013

Eating out in Fort Kochi: Oceanos offers plenty of tasty treats

Summer vacation is when I head out with my family to Kerala. Here comes the best part: eating out in Fort Kochi. We enjoyed the monsoons to the fullest, took risks by heading out to the beaches when it rained hard and the waves crashed on to the shore. My seven year old loved every moment of this, so did I.

After a full day of sight seeing around Fort Kochi, we stepped into this restaurant called Oceanos at about three o clock noon. It was warm, inviting and we plonked ourselves into its cozy atmosphere at once.

Oceanos has some awards to its credit too. It has many tourists and travelers dropping in. This was our first experience there and we enjoyed the relaxing, homely atmosphere there.

Where did you go during this summer vacation? How did you enjoy it? Do drop a line and keep me posted.

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SG said...

Thanks for the nice info on this restaurant. During our last visit to India (in February), we visited Madurai for the first time. Loved it.