Monday, January 7, 2013

Canada's most famous case in 2012: Can you claim planets as your property?

In 2012, Canada's most-talked about case was that of Sylvio Langevin [refer to 2012 QCCS 613 (CanLII)] who claimed the Earth and other planets such as Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus as his property. This report states that the case had been referred to more than 19,000 times. 

Here comes the funny bit. Langevin was too late to claim the 'Sun' as property because a Spanish woman had done so already! 

Given the peculiar claim, the applicant has been barred from filing further claims. This doesn't surprise me at all. 

What's the weirdest case you have ever read about? It would be fun to know.

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SG said...

A 73 year old mother in Austria called her son 50 times every day. After almost 3 years, the son took her to court to stop annoying him daily. And won. I don’t know why he waited for 3 years.