Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October 2010, Family Vacation in Kochi

I have been irregular with my posts but here is how I am making up for it with a detailed update.

With my family, I have been enjoying a brief spell of absolute fun filled days. It's becoming addictive, really. Daily discussions with my father, Justice TV Ramakrishnan about work keep me focused and motivated about my work and goals.

My mom, Veena Ramakrishnan, pampered all of us with delicious spread of food that is nothing less than a feast. The delicacies span varieties of tasty chicken, fish, and vegetarian curries and sabzi too. We just hogged and hogged Mom's delectable food every day. We are still doing that:)

My sister, Nandini and her husband, Mridul, were with us for a few days too. It became more exciting when my nephew, Neel also came over. My four year old son Adi is not used to having a 'big brother' around the house and they became fast friends. Of course, Adi had his spell of temper tantrums but Neel was very caring, protective and understanding. Once while we were having dinner at a restaurant in Kochi called Lokah, a little kid dressed in yellow came rushing just like that, as though to hit Adi and immediately, Neel was there as he felt protective about Adi.

Adi calls Neel 'my brother' and it was awesome to watch their relationship unfold so naturally. Neel and I played some typically boyish rough games and of course, cricket. Neel taught Adi how to play Chotta Bheem game on the Internet and how to fish using a fishing rod that has magnetic baits to catch fish. All that is required is a bucket of water and the little fishes would catch the magnetic tape and yes, get fished:) Neel spent some time teaching Adi how it works. The boys had so much fun. We took so many pictures and we even had a family photo session at a studio where we took family snaps and all of which I will definitely upload so that you can all see what fun we had.

We did a thousand things and enjoyed a lot but this is just an overview before the pics come to your view. Take care, and do send in your thoughts.


Felicity Grace Terry said...

Sounds just like my kind of holiday.

SG said...

Thanks for the nice write up. So glad you all had a great family reunion and good time. Waiting for the pictures.

Mridula said...

Sounds like such a fun vacation. And do you need to mention food in such detail? :D

chitra said...

Kochi is my home town but haven't heard of Lokah , may be it is a new one that has come up. Felt very good reading this.

NRIGirl said...

Hello Sanand! Glad to stop by know the latest update at your end. Please check out NRIGirl blog which posts a tribute to fellow bloggers.

~ NRIGirl

Sanand said...

@Petty - thanks!

@SG - yes, thanks, will upload soon.

@Mridula - Hah:)

@Chitra - Kochi is becoming such a young place that it has changed radically. Lokah is a very new place but it is always full with people, especially families even on week days. It is located close to the Hyundai showroom, several kilometers after the Oberon Mall. Do visit it next time.

@NRI Girl - thanks, will definitely not missing reading your post.

R. Ramesh said...

wow awesome yar..have a blast and remember us..yr buddies..hehe:)

Anonymous said...


I thought I will visit you since you were mentioned on NRI Girl's blog.

I like the way you write. Simple and straight. Glad to know that you are enjoying your vacation to the hilt.

We are waiting for the pictures. do upload soon...

dr.antony said...

Just wanted to say hello.You were mentioned by NRI girl.
Childhood passes so fast,before you realize,your son will be grown.
Enjoy as much time as you can.Have great times ahead.

Sanand said...

@RRamesh - of course, you are one of my unforgettable buddies for sure.

@Stranger -Thanks a lot, I am thrilled to hear your feedback and surely, I will upload the pics very soon.

@dr.anthony - your words are so true and that is why I am making the most of these precious, priceless moments. Thanks so much for the warm feedback.